High Quality SMS Service


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Sherbimi SMS

Kristal Communication lejon bizneset që të integrojnë SMS në zemrën e asaj që bëjnë. Na kontaktoni per sherbime si Premium SMS, 2Way SMS, Mass SMS.

Zhvillues Software

Ne Ofrojme cikel te plote zhvillimi sherbimesh web, mobile dhe desktop, te cilat tashme I kane sjelle vlere te shtuar klienteve tane si Institucione financiare, Universitete, Banka, Kompani Telekomunikacioni etj.

Distributor Airtime

Kristal Communication u bë distributor Airtime për Vodafone Albania , Telekom Albania dhe Eagle Mobile përmes Shërbimit te pagesave nga celulari, MPAY.

SMS Platform
We have developed our own SMS Platform connecting our Portability Database to the national mobile carriers through direct and reliable connections. Incoming messages are routed to their home carrier instantly ensuring fast delivery and reports send back. To connect to our infrastructure, you can use one of these three ways:

  • Through an SMPP connection you can use your own SMS Gateway to integrate with our SMS Service.
  • To integrate SMS into your applications or services, then our Web Service is your best option.
  • If you need a simple solution to send SMS manually, then our Web2SMS interface is yours in just a few seconds.